Nations Cup 2020 Registration Instructions

Published Monday, December 2, 2019

Registration will open on Wednesday December 4 for Nations Cup 2020.

NAME: Nations Cup 2020
DATES: February 7 - 9, 2020
WHERE: Servus Sports Centre (Lethbridge Soccer Centre)
COST: $600/team(register on-line ONLY)
TEAMS:16 teams

Official Registration Deadline -Wednesday, January 29 @ 11:59pm, or when tourney has reached 16 team maximum.


Team Registration Procedure

To register a team for Nations Cup 2020, follow the directions below to register

o   Register on-line, go to

o   Click on Registration tab

o   Click on Launch Member Area

o   If you have not registered on-line before, you must create your Log-In first

  • Click on ‘Don’t have a login? (SETUP LOGIN)’
  • Follow the steps

Once you have successfully created a login follow these steps:

o   Log-In

o   Click on Registration

o   Click on the appropriate league you would like to register your team to: i.e.”Nations Cup 2020”

o   Click on ‘create new registration’

o   Scroll to the bottom and click just underneath ”CLICK HERE TO BEGIN:” 

o   Ensure your information is correct; click on ”SUBMIT” button

o   Choose the following options

  • Role: Coach (should be the default)
  • Division: Nations Cup 2020 (choose from drop down menu if there is one)
  • Team Name: Create a team name
  • Click on Register 
  • Click on MAKE PAYMENT
  • *Total Amount: $600 (is the default) 
  • Click on ”Proceed with entering credit card information” & follow the instructions carefully

Your team will be deemed registered when the payment of $600 has been madeCONGRATULATIONS!!