Individual or Free Agent Registration

Published Monday, August 12, 2019 12:00 pm


Registration Procedure

A Free Agent Team will be available for the Over30 women and Sunday indoor leagues if there are enough individuals. 

**If you are registering for your own team as an individual, please make sure to select the correct team from the drop down menu and pick the amount ($0-$175) from the drop down menu that your coach has assigned to your team.


Follow the directions below to register:

o   Register on-line, go to

o   Click on Registration tab

o   Click on Launch Member Area

o   If you have not registered on-line before, you must create your Log-In first

  • Click on ‘Don’t have a login? (SETUP LOGIN)’
  • Follow the steps

o   Log-In

o   Click on Registration

o   Click on ‘Player Register to Team & Payment’

o   Click on ‘create new registration’

o   Click on ‘I Accept’

o   Ensure your information is correct; click on Submit button

o   Choose the following options

  • Player
  • Saturday and/or Sunday Mixed indoor (choose from drop down menu)
  • Free Agents (choose from drop down menu)
  • $160 player fee (choose from drop down menu)
  • Click on Register & follow the instructions carefully

*Individuals participating in these leagues must be of age or older before registering.
**Individuals are welcome to play in all the Saturday and Sunday leagues, the cost is $160/per league.

You will need to go to the SOFA website and register on the Free Agent team and pay $160. Follow the instructions, you need to create an account. Once you've created the account it will ask you to login and change your password. Just follow the prompts and when you get to the payment screen, make sure to select $160 and pay with a MC or VISA. You will not be considered registered if this payment is not made.


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