Indoor Team Registration Instructions

Published Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Team Registration Procedure

To register a team for Saturday and/ or Sunday indoor leagues, follow the directions below to register

o   Register on-line, go to

o   Click on Registration tab

o   Click on Launch Member Area

o   If you have not registered on-line before, you must create your Log-In first

  • Click on ‘Don’t have a login? (SETUP LOGIN)’
  • Follow the steps

Once you have successfully created a login follow these steps:

o   Log-In

o   Click on Registration

o   Click on the appropriate league you would like to register your team to: i.e.”Saturday Over35 Indoor 2019-2020”

o   Click on ‘create new registration’

o   Scroll to the bottom and click just underneath ”CLICK HERE TO BEGIN:” 

o   Ensure your information is correct; click on ”SUBMIT” button

o   Choose the following options

  • Role: Coach (should be the default)
  • Division: Saturday and/or Sunday indoor leagues (choose from drop down menu)
  • Team Name: Create a team name
  • Click on Register 
  • Click on MAKE PAYMENT
  • *Total Amount: $2700 (is the default) you can change the amount to $1350
  • Click on ”Proceed with entering credit card information” & follow the instructions carefully

Your team will be deemed registered when the deposit of $1350 has been made. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Once this step is done, then you can have individuals on your team go and register individually and pay a fee, ranging from $0-$175 if you wish. The individual registration instructions are the same as the "Free Agent" instructions.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

See you on the pitch,

Frank Huss

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*Individuals participating in these leagues must be of age or older before registering.